1.  Do I have to be an Evergreen Park resident to register?


2.  When does practice start?

1st week of August

3.  When are games?

Sunday (time depends on age/level)

4.  How many games are played?

8 (4 home and 4 away) + playoffs

5.  What league do you play in?

Southwest Midget Football League (SWMFL) 

6.  Do your cheerleaders compete?

Yes.  More information will be given in August.

7.  When do you hold registrations?

Starting in April

8.  Is there anything not included in registration that my son/daughter will need?

Football:  cleats.  Cheerleading: plain white gym shoes.

9.  Are your coaches trained in concussion prevention?

Yes.  All of our football coaches are certified by USA Football/Heads Up Football.

10.  Where is your home field?

8804 South Kedzie/Yukich Field

11.  What is the practice football schedule?

Football:  Monday through Friday 6-8:00pm.  (Saturdays possible). Once school begins, we will drop Mondays

Cheer: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 6-8:00 (approx.).  Subject to change.

12.  What is your policy on refunds?

No refunds after the first day of practice. 

13.  Do the Stallions have a trainer/medical staff?

Athletico has a trainer at all our home games.  Our practice field is located next door to the EP Fire Department if immediate medical attention is needed during practice.

14. What is the registration cost and what is included? 

           FOOTBALL RETURNING $280 Includes: Practice jersey, socks ( 1 pair yellow for the season and 1 pair pink for the month of October), chin strap and mouthpiece (one green & one pink) 

           FOOTBALL NEW-$390- Game jersey, game pants, practice jersey, socks, chin strap and mouth pieces. 

           CHEER RETURNING $265 Bow and socks.

          CHEER NEW- $410- New Uniform-shell, skirt, bow and socks.

Additional Items included in registration: Insurance, banquet ticket, trophy, trainer & more.

15. What if there is an emergency and practice is cancelled?

     The Stallions will send out a text and your child's coach will communicate via group message.

16. It's raining outside. That means practice is cancelled, right?

     No. The Stallions practice football  in ALL weather (rain, sleet or snow) EXCEPT if in thunderstorms. The Stallions follow the Village's weather policy which is-if you can hear thunder or see lightning, you must remove yourself from the field. Any person at the field that hears thunder or sees lightning can approach a board member or coach to initiate removing Stallions from the field. A horn will be sounded from the concession stand and all Stallions will be removed from the field. Practice will be cancelled and an emergency text will be sent. Cheer, at the discretion of the DOC, will remain practicing in the ice rink where they are safe from harm. 

17. Can my child still play if they do not make weight at the League Weigh In?

      NO. Any player that doesn't make weight cannot play in any league game.

18. When will coaches be voted in?

               Head coaches for both football and cheer will be voted in at May's board meeting. Assistant coaches will be voted on in June.

19. I have an issue with (coach, parent, players) what do I do?

          Please always FIRST  reach out to your head coach. If this does not resolve your issue, bring this to the DOC or DOF, if this still does not resolve your issue, please reach out to the President or attend a board meeting to discuss. The Stallions also follow the 24 hour rule. At no time after any game should anyone approach the coaching staff to air their grievances. Please wait 24 hours before reaching out to your child's head coach to discuss any issues you may have.